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About Us

"I have to say that this studio is one of a kind when it comes to their communication, love for dance and recital. Coming from a dance back ground it is awesome to see the passion that Wendi and all of the teachers have. The amount of attention and extra things the children get to do is just top notch. We also had grandparent pick up, Because i forgot to tell Ms. Wendi she called and verify and checked id. It makes you feel great sending your child here." -Nicole Grandelli
GCAPA's team of teachers work cohesively to create and continually maintain a curriculum and atmosphere that lends itself to the learning process for dancers of each age bracket.  This team of ladies is committed to the growth of each individual student to thrive to the apex of their potential.  GCAPA teachers are passionate about dance, but more importantly, they are passionate about training dancers and articulating techniques in a way that students can comprehend at each age and level.   Techniques that will ensure a thorough understanding of how to properly execute movement, using positive language that will guide each dancer along his or her journey and move them to the next level.  GCAPA teachers are here to TEACH your dancer in an encouraging manner, non-judgemental environment where students and teachers support one another wholeheartedly along the way!