"Bringing Broadway to you!"
19911 N Cove Road
Cornelius, NC


General Info

"Love GCAPA. Always impressed by the quality of staff, students, and production. Ms. Wendi does a fantastic job of balancing high expectations with a fun and creative environment for learning the technique and love of dance." - Sarah VanHeukelum
GCAPA keeps an open line of communication with all parents.  It is encouraged to discuss any concern directly with the director via phone, email or face-to-face conversation.  Students and parents are discouraged from gossip, derogatory chatter and good old fashioned nonsense.  Keeping a positive atmosphere for students to thrive is an important part of allowing kids to express themselves and enjoy dance classes. 

Lobby Etiquette:
-Cell phone conversations should be had outside.
-Kids should be well behaved or controlled by their parents at all times or removed from the lobby by taking a walk around the studio.
-Only GCAPA Staff should be inside the Big Apple Boutique.
-While classes are in session, bathrooms are reserved for students only.
-Parents are welcome to sit in the lobby during their child's class.  Please remove bags and purses from chairs to allow others to be seated.