"Bringing Broadway to you!"
19911 N Cove Road
Cornelius, NC



Performance Location

Joe V. Knox Auditorium

Charles Mack Citizen Center

215 S. Main Street

Mooresville, NC

Pick up tickets at studio or Dress Rehearsal after May 20.

See Below for Dress Rehearsal Times.


Performance Times

Show A

(for Levels: 1-5)

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

6pm Show  Call Time: 5pm, Doors open 5:15pm.  Please enjoy pre-show entertainment.

Duration: 2.25 hours, intermission included

Show B

(All Twinkles, Pre-Dance & MTD/HH 1)

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

3pm Call Time: 2:30pm, Doors open 2:30pm.

Duration: 60 min, intermission included

Audience Dress Code

Sunday Best or Dinner Attire.

No sneakers, T-shirts, shorts or casual flip-flops



*Call Time is the time a performer is expected to arrive.  Dancers should arrive with hair and make-up complete, in their first costume and NOT dance shoes.  Dance shoes should be carried in.


Dress Rehearsal Information


-All Dancers Should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled Rehearsal Time. 

-Doors will not open until then.  Rehearsal will begin promptly at the time listed.

-Late Dancers who miss their dance will NOT have another opportunity to rehearse.

-Please pack DRY snacks and WATER ONLY for your dancers.  

-Dancers should arrive with hair and make-up complete.

-Dancers should arrive in their first costume.  (Line-up will be sent privately in email.)

-Dancers will be permitted to sit in the audience to watch their peers.

-Dance Team Invitationals performing in Show B do NOT come to Dress Rehearsal.

-Dance Team Invitationals performing in Show A will only run part of routine during first Tech rehearsal

-Tech and Dress Rehearsals are CLOSED.  Absolutely no one will be permitted in the theatre.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

-Dancers May NOT be picked up early.  We cannot promise late entry as each  of our staff members is busy working the rehearsal.


ONLY FOR SHOW A (Level 1-5 Performers)

Wednesday and Thursday are TECH REHEARSALS

This is a rehearsal where the focus is on sound, lights, costume, spacing and transitions.  Hair and Make-up is not necessary for Levels 1-5 at Tech Rehearsal, however COSTUMES ARE!  Hair should be secure as it is for dance class.

Friday is Dress Rehearsal

This is a full-run with hair, make-up, costumes, tights, shoes, etc.