"Bringing Broadway to you!"
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Who are the Silhouettes?

The Silhouettes are a prestigious Precision Line Troupe of young ladies who dance throughout the Christmas Season and are recognized through the region for their distinctive, appearance and kick lines.  They guide Santa at each of his events and can be found taking pictures with inspired young girls and wrapped around local Christmas Trees during Tree lighting ceremonies.  Being a Silhouette is a privilege and an honor.

Rehearsal Obligations

In the 2016-2017 season, the Silhouettes will learn one routine for Christmas Performances.  All Silhouettes choreography is learned in 4 2-hour rehearsals during October/November.

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal will be set in September for a day in November.  This is mandatory for all performers.  Students will receive their costumes and have a quick run-through for all of their performances on this night.  This is the only out-of-class Rehearsal that the Silhouettes are required to attend.

Participation Fees

There is a $100 per student fee for participating with the Silhouettes.  This fee covers all rehearsals, costume cleaning, administrative and participation fees associated with the Silhouettes and Performance Troupe.

Performance Obligations

The Silhouettes are required to attend all scheduled performances with one exception; Light Up Cornelius takes place during the Thanksgiving weekend and Silhouettes are not required to attend if they have family obligations out of town.  Performances Include Christmas in Davidson, Huntersville Christmas, Light Up Cornelius, Birkdale Tree Lighting, Langtree Tree Lighting.  Silhouettes who skip performances are no longer eligible to participate in the following season.

Who is eligible?

Any GCAPA Student with at least one year of Ballet and Jazz experience and are currently enrolled in Ballet AND Jazz may participate by enrolling in the Precision Line Troupe.  All rehearsals must be met  Silhouettes are required to take one Ballet class and one Jazz class to be eligible for enrollment.  All Silhouettes must be either 13 years old or 5 feet tall.  One-time tuition cost TBA.