Dancers with 6 or more years of graduated training should be placed in classes based on Teacher recommendation and Director Approval.  All dancers Level 7 are required to take Ballet twice per week which does not include Pointe.

These classes will have the option to compete if chosen by the GCAPA Crew.  Participation is optional.  

List of Classes Below

GCAPA prefers not to seek out dancers from other studios, therefore we do not actively promote our upper level classes.  We seek to promote our students from within.  We believe that it is important for a dancer to stay with his/her studio as long as possible to gain the most benefit from the instruction.  If you are a local dancer looking to relocate to GCAPA, please first consider staying in your home studio and explaining the reasons you might be looking elsewhere for instruction to your current Studio Owner.  If you cannot find a resolution and would like to consult about your options here, please email for more information.  Please do not enroll yourself in any classes that require placement unless you have been placed specifically.  Please call with any additional questions.  SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR A LEVEL CHART.

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2022-2023    Dance Season Schedule

Level 7


6:00-7:15 Ballet 7

7:15-8:15 Jazz 7

8:15-9:00 Lyrical 7


6:00-7:00 Tap Technique

7:00-8:30 Ballet/Jazz Technique

8:30-9:00 Pre-Pointe

8:15-9:00 Pointe


7:15-8:00 MTD 6/7

8:00-9:00 Tap 7

Pointe readiness is determined by teacher discretion and growth plate status which requires a physicians report via X-rays of the feet.

Dress Code

for Level 7

All items available at the BAB inside the GCAPA Lobby

Ballet: Black Leotard of any kind, GCAPA Pink Tights, Pink Leather Ballet Shoes

Jazz: Solid Color Leotard of any kind, GCAPA Pink or Tan Tights, Tan Bloch Jazz Shoes Style #S0401

Tap: Solid Color Leotard of any kind, GCAPA Pink or Tan Tights, Black Bloch Tap Shoes Style Jsams

Lyrical: Same attire as Jazz, Eclipse half sole.  Style #S0309

Acro: Same attire as Jazz.  No Shoes.  Gym leos and biketards not acceptable.  Tights required.

Musical Theatre: Same as Jazz attire including shoes.

GCAPA Booty Shorts permitted for all classes accept Ballet.

Sarong style Ballet Skirts of any kind permitted for Ballet, Pre-Pointe/Pointe.

2022-2023 Handbook

2022-2023 Handbook Cover Stars

Tuition Scale

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