Free Tutu or Skirt for those who Trial AND register before August 19   when you mention where you found this promotion!

Trial Classes are free......

You pay $15  for the trial class.   If you register for class within 48 hours, the  $15    is applied to  your    registration fee and your tuition is prorated starting from the next class meet.  If you don't like the class or your Sparkle just isn't ready, you pay nothing else.

IMPORTANT: Click on a class below and choose "Summer Session" (NOT THE TRIAL OR CLASS TIMES).  When you  you  are filling out the registration form, choose to "TRIAL" the class.  And then y ou're on your way to FREE Ballet Slippers!

Read our Tips for Readiness to figure out if your Sparkle is ready for dance class.

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Sparkles should wear comfortable clothing, socks and sneakers for their trial class.  We don't recommend making a dance wear purchase for a trial class as all of our uniforms, tights and shoes are required and available exclusively at the studio once enrolled.