Week #7 Summer Camps

See below for Extended Care option
**Denotes Friday Performance


LOL Surprise                            Ages 3-6   Week #6 August 5-9   9am-12pm


LOL Surprise                            Ages 6-12  Week #6 August 5-9   9am-12pm


Descendants 3                          Ages 3-6   Week #6 August 5-9   1pm-4pm

Descendants 3                          Ages 6-12  Week #6 August 5-9   1pm-4pm

Extended Care option available for Rising First Graders (and older) enrolled in a Morning AND Afternoon Camp.  After enrolling in camp, use the filter to find the Extended Care options for the respective Camp Week.  Extended Care includes 8:30-9:00am Monday-Friday, 12:00-1:00pm between camps, and until 6:00pm Monday-Thursday.  This option is $35 per week if paid on March 15.  Regularly $75/week.

This performance has limited seating.
Please be considerate by bringing only immediate family members to observe.
This is an informal performance with limited space for an audience.
Families are welcome to videotape and photograph performances.
Disclosure Agreement
$10 (ten dollar) registration fee required by all campers not enrolled in the previous Dance Season.  Registration fee is a one-time fee for all summer camps and classes, paid only once per summer per camper.  Campers should be at least 2 by the first day of camp.  Campers MUST be able to separate from guardian. Children who cannot separate will not be refunded.  Parents are not permitted in the classroom. Campers wearing pull-ups or diapers MUST have a parent sitting in the lobby for the duration of camp.  Siblings may not wait in lobby without a parent.  All camps are non-refundable.  There is a $50 mandatory charge to switch camps after March 15 if the following criteria is met:  (1) First camp does not drop below the minimum requirement of 8 campers, (2) Second camp has the minimum requirement of students, (3) Space is available in the second camp.  There is a $50 mandatory transfer fee to transfer a camp to another camper payable by original party under the following criteria: (1) New camper must create an account, (2) New camper adheres to the same agreement as original camper, (3) transfer must be made no later than the Friday before the camp begins, (4) camper pays separate $10 registration fee and first camper's registration fee is non-refundable.  Refunds are not available, regardless of circumstance.  Refunds are not available if camper is unable to separate from guardian.  Parents, siblings and guardians are not permitted in the classroom.  Inconsolable campers should have a guardian in the lobby until they have calmed, even if the instructor has taken the child into the classroom... parents must wait until the camper has calmed.  Camps are staffed and supplied based on paid enrollments. Staff is scheduled on March 15.  If a camp does not meet the minimum requirement, enrollees will be notified and have the option of a refund or 3 days to decide on a different camp its respective March 15 sale price.
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