2020 GCAPA Christmas Performance Troupe

Christmas is one of the most exciting times at GCAPA!!  EVERYONE is invited to participate.  In one way or another!  The planning begins in August, the Dress Rehearsal is the first weekend in November and then the performances begin!  As many or as few as you like, kids of all ages have 4-6 opportunities to perform with their peers in real costumes (rented) and for large audiences with free admission.  Join us in a private Facebook group made just for the GCAPA Christmas Performance Troupe!  Think you might be interested?  Read on....
Fee: $30 per Star or Sparkle/$100 per Silhouette.  Dates: See Below. 
How It Works
1. Sign up for all the dates you choose to perform by registering here.
2.  Non-refundable fee is charged on 10/31.  Dress Rehearsal is on November 9th 11am-8pm.  See Google Calendar 
to see what time you and your Star/Sparkle will travel from studio to studio to receive and sign-out a costume,
take pictures and run their routine in costume.  Men are not permitted at the Dress Rehearsal.
3. Attend the events as they happen.  Attend 1,2,3 or 4 events.  All routines are learned in class! 
****Please note that Performance Troupe has NOTHING to do with the Christmas Parade as they are two entirely separate activities.****

All Performances are 30 minutes long,

with a 30 minute Call Time

Birkdale Tree Lighting
BirkdaleTree Lighting @ Birkdale
Saturday: November 14
Event Time: 3:00-8:00pm
Performance Time: 4:00pm, Call Time 3:30pm
Sparkles and Silhouettes ONLY
Christmas in Cornelius
Christmas in Cornelius! @ Town Hall
Sunday: November 29
Event Time: TBA
Performance Time: TBA, Call Time: TBA
This is Thanksgiving Weekend
Stars and Silhouettes ONLY
Huntersville Christmas
Huntersville Christmas @ Ice House
Saturday: December 5
Event Time: TBA
Performance Time: TBA, Call Time: TBA
This is the same day as the Parade. Parade ends at 3pm.
Light Up Cornelius!
Light Up Cornelius! @ Town Hall
Saturday: November 28
Event Time: 4:00-7:00pm
Performance Time: 4:30pm, Call Time: 4:00pm
This is Thanksgiving Weekend
Sparkles and Silhouettes ONLY
Christmas in Davidson
CID @ Davidson Library Steps
Thursday: December 3
Event Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Performance Time: TBA
Stars and Silhouettes ONLY
2020 GCAPA Spectacular
Spectacular @ TBA
Date: TBA
Event Time: TBA
Performance Time: TBA, Call Time: TBA
Eligibility for this performance requires participation in 2 festival performances.
I Want To Be A Silhouette
Tuition Fee: $100
Does not include $30 Performance Troupe Fee
for class routines.  Tuition charged on 9/27/20.
Girls Must be Level 5
Girls MUST attend ALL Rehearsals
Enrollment Deadline: September 27
Shoe Order deadline 10/1/2019
Glitter Shoes sold separately: $55 + tax
Rehearsal dates:
Sunday, September 27, 12-3pm Initial Choreography and spacing for 1st routine.
All Saturdays/Sundays in October
One miss permitted but not encouraged.
First rehearsal is mandatory.
Silhouettes are expected to practice at home without excuses.
Christmas Events Google Calendar
Christmas Events Digital Handbook
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