2022 GCAPA Silhouettes

So you want to be a Silhouette!  The glitz, the glam, the shoes!!!
It sounds like fun, but in reality the performances of a Silhouette are the reward for the hard work that it takes to learn the choreography, perfect the formations, and then start all over by doing it in the shoes!  If you're interested in becoming a Silhouette, read on.
1. Level 6 and Level 7 dancers who are enrolled in 2 Ballet classes, 1 Jazz class, and 1 Lyrical class.
2. Enroll in the Silhouettes Boot Camp held August 8-12, 2022, 5-8pm.
3. Know the routines!  There are several opportunities to learn the choreography for the Silhouettes.  You can either take the "Future Silhouettes" Summer Camps where two routines per week are taught by actual Silhouettes or learn the choreography on Thinkific where it is not broken down.  
4. Requirements:
  • Must know the choreography for each routine performing.
  • Must be able to kick eye-high with a straight supporting leg and straight back while arms are behind back.
  • Must attend the Boot Camp for all 5 nights.
  • Must attend additional rehearsals as listed on the Google Calendar.
5. All new Silhouettes will endure an audition-like process to determine which routines in which they will participate.  This process will cover kicks and choreography.
6. Silhouettes Boot Camp is not for learning routines.  It is for determining the placement of the line and all of the transitions and placements that come as a result of the line.  Line is determined strictly by height.

****Please note that Performance Troupe/Silhouettes has NOTHING to do with the Christmas Parade as they are two entirely separate activities.****

Required Performances

BirkdaleTree Lighting @ Birkdale
Saturday: November 12 or 19th?

Event Time: 1:00-8:00pm
Performance Time: 4:00pm, Call Time 3:30pm
Sparkles, Stars and Silhouettes 
Each Class will perform 1 routine. 
Silhouettes will perform 2.
CID @ Davidson Library Steps
Thursday: December 1
Event Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Performance Time: TBA
Sparkles, Stars and Silhouettes

All Silhouettes MUST be available to perform at ALL listed performances.  There are not alternates, so a missing dancer can cause a host of issues with placement, transitions, kick lines and the aesthetics that has become the expectation of the GCAPA Silhouettes.

Huntersville Christmas @ Ice House
Saturday: December 3
Event Time: TBA
Performance Time: TBA, Call Time: TBA
This is the same day as the Parade. Parade ends at 3pm.
Spectacular @ MPAC
Date: December 17
Event Time: TBA
Performance Time: TBA, Call Time: TBA
Tickets: TBA
Each Level performs ALL Christmas Routines

Eligibility for this performance requires participation in at least 1 festival performances.
Christmas Events Google Calendar
Christmas Events Digital Handbook
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