GCAPA is taking measures to ensure the enjoyment of all of our campers.  GCAPA Camps are mask-optional without judgement, however, we ask that you please keep sick children at home.  The GCAPA Crew wishes you all good health and good times with your loved ones.

Summer Classes are a hit at GCAPA!  Click to see 6-week schedule!

GCAPA Camps are limited this Summer while GCAPA undergoes a an expansion!  Larger studios, additional room, plus Preschool and Afterschool Programs!

All Summer Camps Tuition:
by March 15th: $150.00
after March 15th: $200.00
All campers subject to $10 registration fee.
Camps include Friday performance unless otherwise noted.  Please scroll for disclosure.
Campers must meet the minimum age requirement by June 1.  Campers may enroll in lesser aged camps. Dance Team Boot Camps not included in sale.  All fees non-refundable.  Camps may be transferred to another camper at $50 exchange fee.  Camp swaps may be made at $50 per swap.
Click on icons below to read more about each camp

COVID-19 and how it might affect your Summer Camp

If your child or a household member develops the COVID-19 virus and your child cannot attend one of the GCAPA 

Summer Camps for which you enrolled, you will have the option to switch to another camp at no charge or be credited

for a future camp or class based on the price you paid for said camp(s).  See protocols below.

A doctor's note identifying the virus will be required for credit.  We wish you a safe and healthy Summer!

Enroll links will open on March 1

Week #1 June 20-24

Circle 1.png
Acro Camp
Ages 7+
M-F, 10am-1pm
No Prerequisites.
SIlhouettes Shine PNG.png
Future Silhouettes Camp
Ages 7+
M-F, 1-4pm
Jazz shoes required.
Current or recent dance experience is necessary to keep up with the choreography.

Week #2 June 28-30

Back Handspring Clinic
Ages 7+
Tu/W/Th, 10am-1pm
Prerequisites: Back Limber, Back Walkover, Handstand to Wall, Plank Pushups
Aerial Clinic
Ages 7+
Tu/W/Th, 1-4pm
Prerequisites: Dominant Cartwheel, Same Side Dominant Split, 1 hand pinwheel cartwheel

Week #3 July 11-15

Acro Camp
Ages 7+
M-F, 10am-1pm
No prerequisites.
3 Silhouettes.png
Future Silhouettes Camp
Ages 7+
M-F, 1pm-4pm
Jazz shoes required. Current or recent dance experience is necessary to keep up with the choreography. Different Routines from 1st Camp.

Remaining Camp Weeks

Due to the limited capacity during expansion, remaining camp weeks are
dedicated toward our Dance Team's Summer Training.  If you have an interest in becoming a member of the GCAPA Dance Team, please email info@gcapa.net and address Miss Wendi.

This is NOT a recital.  This performance has limited seating and may be streamed for safety.
Please be considerate by bringing only immediate family members to observe.
This is an informal performance with limited space for an audience.
Families are welcome to videotape and photograph performances.

Disclosure Agreement
$10 (ten dollar) registration fee required by all campers not enrolled in the previous Dance Season.  Registration fee is a one-time fee for all summer camps and classes, paid only once per summer per camper.  Campers must meet the minimum age requirement of each camp by June 1, 2020.  Campers MUST be able to separate from guardian. Children who cannot separate will not be refunded.  Parents are not permitted in the classroom. Campers wearing pull-ups or diapers MUST have a parent sitting in the lobby for the duration of camp.  Siblings may not wait in lobby without a parent.  All camps are non-refundable.  There is a $50 mandatory charge to switch camps after March 15 if the following criteria is met:  (1) First camp does not drop below the minimum requirement of 8 campers, (2) Second camp has the minimum requirement of students, (3) Space is available in the second camp.  There is a $50 mandatory transfer fee paid by the original camper to transfer a camp to another camper payable by original party under the following criteria: (1) New camper must create an account, (2) New camper adheres to the same agreement as original camper, (3) transfer must be made no later than the Friday before the camp begins, (4) new camper pays separate $10 registration fee and first camper's registration fee is non-refundable.  Refunds are not available, regardless of circumstance.  Refunds are not available if camper is unable to separate from guardian.  Parents, siblings and guardians are not permitted in the classroom.  Inconsolable campers should have a guardian in the lobby until they have calmed, even if the instructor has taken the child into the classroom... parents must wait until the camper has calmed.  Camps are staffed and supplied based on paid enrollments. Staff is scheduled on March 15.  If a camp does not meet the minimum requirement, enrollees will be notified and have the option of a refund or 3 days to decide on a different camp at its respective sale price.

2022 Summer Classes

Hello Summer Campers!!


We are so excited to get started with you!  Obviously we need to explain our Summer Protocols so that you can make a comfortable decision for your family.  So here we go!  There are limited spaces available in our camps!  


Open House

This will be the only chance for adults to be in the studio (see below). We recommend all students stop by to check out the studio and acclimate to the space for everyone's comfort.  You will have a chance to meet the instructors and make any purchases that you might need.  GCAPA will be closed June 13-June 19th following our annual recital.

Monday, May 21, 2022 from 12:00-2:00pm


Camp Drop-off/Pick-up

When dropping off Campers we ask that you bring them to the front steps where we will check each child in and verify your emergency contact information. Please do not enter the building while we maintain our limited # of persons in one space.  Adults will not have the option to enter or stay in the lobby this Summer because of limited space.  For potty runs for yourself or siblings, we recommend using your home facilities before coming to camp or the Starbucks 2 doors up.  Next year, we will welcome in your whole family!

Camp Protocols

Based on current GCAPA guidelines:

  • Instructors will be healthy or we will have subs.  

  • Masks are, and always will be, optional.

  • Friday performances may be set up for live-stream as we cannot have additional people inside the studio.

  • If your child has separation anxiety and is inconsolable, we will call you to pick-up and try again the next day.



For snack time, we require that you pack your camper a fruit or vegetable as a snack.  WATER ONLY.  This helps us to avoid any allergies, sugar rushes, and behavioral issues.



If your child has an epipen, please notify the instructor on the first day of the following:

  • What  your camper is allergic to

  • What signs your camper will show that we should look for

  • How to use your epipen



Each camper should bring a bag to camp.  Bags should be labeled with your campers last name.  Snacks, water and dance shoes should be the only things inside your campers bag.  Toys must be kept at home.


Withdrawal - based on sudden illness

If your dancer or someone in your home is exhibiting flu-like symptoms or has tested positive for Covid within 14 days, please notify GCAPA by email so that we may act accordingly.  Please email a doctor's note outlining the symptoms or positive COVID test so that we may credit your tuition to Fall or Summer 2022 tuition.  Please know your options BEFORE enrolling.


We ask that you notify us of any potential illness of anyone in your household or contact so that we may do the same.  Your name will be anonymous.  It is OUR obligation to notify our families of any potential hazard.  We thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.


We thank you so much for choosing Grand Central for your Summer Camps and look forward to an awesome, fun, safe Summer!!!


Miss Wendi and the GCAPA Crew