Welcome to GCAPA!  You have completely made our year by becoming a part of our community!  We plan to spend the Summer showing your Camper how to shine!  And you can be the paparazzi!

Did you know that we moved this year?  Our new location is near the Catawba I-77 junction on Liverpool Parkway. 

Address: 19615 Liverpool Pkwy, CORNELIUS. See the map here.


We thought it best to answer a few important FAQ’s to get you started so that you can familiarize yourself with the layout and get accustomed to what to expect.  If we have forgotten anything, please let us know.



Our best form of communication is via Email (please make it a contact in your address book) and not far behind is the GCAPA Summer Camps Facebook Group.  This group is only for Parents of Campers.  Please feel free to post questions, share photos or ask for a lost item with the other families of the studio!  If your Camper cannot make it to class, please do not email or text, but call us to let us know so we don’t miss the message.  704.896.3033



Please do not use the rear of the building, that is for surgeries only.  The entire front of the parking lot is free to use, however it has limited spaces (about 35) and our neighbors have clients as well.  We ask that you walk your camper in and head out so others can use the spaces.  


Safe exiting:  

When possible, we hope that you will avoid left turns from the parking lot.  It is much safer to turn right from our lot and flip around at the stop sign.  We hope that you will consider this safety precaution when hurrying to get your campers from place to place.


Drop-off and Pick-up:  

Students 10 and under should be walked in and out of the studio.  Once your teacher is present in the lobby to collect your Campers, you are free to leave.  Children in diapers should have a parent in the lobby during their entire class/camp in case of an accident.  Any Camper being picked up by a person unknown to the Crew will need a valid Driver's License for identification verification. Please provide a name before camp of the person picking up. If you're a first time parent and we don't recognize you, please don't take offense. We care for the safety of your Camper!


Parent Observation:

During the Summer Camps, we do not leave the blinds open.  Unfortunately, for most kids, parents observing is a distraction.  Most of them want their Friday performance to be a total surprise anyway....so if you can be patient, you will be WOWed on Friday!



The Big Apple Boutique inside our lobby will be open May 18, 12-2pm JUST FOR OUR CAMPERS!  For those who are looking for dance attire and shoes at a reasonable cost, we look forward to helping you into what you're looking for! Turn-around on orders is typically 1 week.  Once your order arrives, you will receive an email with times to pick up or you can just wait until the first day of camp to grab your gear!


Many campers do not use dance shoes, but everyone is welcome to bring what they have.  If your ballet shoes are not leather or canvas, they are unsafe.  Please check what you have before sending your Camper in.  


Bathroom Use:

Our new facility has 2 bathrooms in the lobby!!!!!!



EpiPens should handed to your Star’s teacher before camp/class.  EpiPens may not be stored at the studio.  Explicit verbal instructions along with written instructions should be explained to the instructors responsible for your Camper's care by you, every single day.



We require all Campers to adhere to the following food rules for all camps:  All Snacks should be fruits and vegetables ONLY.  For lunches: No Nuts of any kind.  No peanut butter.  No apple butter.  No distribution of food.  Please advise your camper that food sharing is not permitted for safety reasons.  All food allergies must be listed in your account and reiterated to your camp instructor at the beginning of the week.  NO SUGAR!  (This includes Go-gurts).  Fruit and Vegetable snacks are the only permissible snack.  WATER ONLY.  



If you must stay in the lobby during camp, you are more than welcome to do so.  We ask that you not allow your other children to run around or be noisy, stand on chairs, pull brochures from the walls, hang on the counter, carry in food or drinks of any kind.  Please remain in the seating area as the front desk area is prohibited. We thank you for your anticipated cooperation.  


Our first goal is to help your Camper Shine.  Immediately following, we want you to have an easy and enjoyable experience at GCAPA.  If we have forgotten something or overlooked something, we hope that you will let us know so that we can provide the best service and experience for you and your Camper!  Hats off to an amazing Summer of learning and community!!




Miss Wendi and the GCAPA CREW

19615 Liverpool Parkway :: Cornelius, NC  28031 :: 704.896.3033
GCAPA is conveniently located just off Catawba Avenue near the Cornelius Post Office

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